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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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301 Koichi Kato, Predecessor of Kono, Dies -e-museum2016-09-21322
300 S. Korea: Japan's Comfort Women Fund is Measure to Back up Apology -e-museum2016-08-16349
299 Japan's Ruling Party Pledges to Create Research Body Regarding Dokdo, Comfort Women -e-museum2016-06-23335
298 China Expresses Support for Registering `Comfort Women` Archive as UN Heritage -e-museum2016-06-17341
297 Japanese Group Submits UNESCO Bid to Counter Sex Slavery Issue -e-museum2016-06-17461
296 'Spirits' Homecoming' Draws 2 Million to Theaters -e-museum2016-03-07440
295 Korean Film About Wartime Sex Slavery Victims Tops Box Office -e-museum2016-02-29694
294 S. Korea Urges Japan Not to Damage Sex Slavery Agreement -e-museum2016-02-18418
293 Seoul Warns Tokyo for Denying Wartime Sex Slavery -e-museum2016-02-02387
292 Japan Denies Coercion of Sex Slaves in UN Report -e-museum2016-02-02522
291 Abe Cautions Officials Against Controversial Remarks on Wartime Sex Slavery -e-museum2016-01-29364
290 Seoul Calls Sakurada Ignorant, Shameless for Prostitute Remarks -e-museum2016-01-14389