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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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196 US Rep. Honda Criticizes Abe's Demand to Change US Textbooks -e-museum2015-02-02411
195 US Publisher Defies Tokyo's Attempt to Whitewash Wartime History -e-museum2015-02-02394
194 US Publisher Rejects Japan's Demand to Change Textbooks -e-museum2015-02-02376
193 Abe Calls for Seoul-Tokyo Talks with No Preconditions Attached -e-museum2015-01-30397
192 Japanese Group Sues Asahi over Wartime Sex Slavery Articles -e-museum2015-01-27427
191 Elderly Sex Slavery Victim Dies at 89 -e-museum2015-01-27420
190 US Congressional Think Tank Expresses Concerns over Abe's Historical RevisionismVideo -e-museum2015-01-23437
189 Report Expresses Concern over Abe's Historical Revisionism -e-museum2015-01-23455
188 Abe Urged to Heal Pains of Living Victims of `Forgotten Holocaust` -e-museum2015-01-22438
187 Japan Attempts to Distort Wartime Sex Slave Contents in US Textbooks -e-museum2015-01-19441
186 PM Abe, S. Korean Heavyweight Fail to Narrow Gaps on Sex Slavery Issue -e-museum2015-01-19443
185 Suga: Tokyo Against Politicizing Sex Slavery Issue -e-museum2015-01-15453