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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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181 S. Korea, Japan to Hold Vice Minister Talks in Seoul -e-museum2014-12-29511
180 US Congressman Visits Shelter for Korean Victims of Sex Slavery -e-museum2014-12-29499
179 Over Half of Japan’s Ruling Lawmakers Support Kono Statement Revision -e-museum2014-12-29440
178 Japan's Historical Groups Deal with Attempts to Deny Comfort Women -e-museum2014-12-29442
177 US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chief Says 'Dokdo is the Right Name' -e-museum2014-12-29455
176 Japan Demands S. Korea Remove Statues Honoring Sex Slavery Victims -e-museum2014-12-29435
175 Former Sex Slavery Victim Raises Awareness in France -e-museum2014-12-29408
174 No Progress at Seoul, Tokyo Talks on Wartime Sex Slavery -e-museum2014-12-29427
173 Japan's Wartime Sex Slavery Victims Hold Candlelight Vigil in Paris -e-museum2014-12-29425
172 Art Exhibit on Comfort Women Opens in Washington -e-museum2014-12-29417
171 'US Federal Gov't Has No Jurisdiction over Comfort Women Statues' -e-museum2014-12-29413
170 Korean Americans to Open Cyber History Course on Sex Slavery -e-museum2014-12-29407