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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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311 Another Victim of Japan's Wartime Sexual Slavery Dies, Leaves Behind 34 Survivors -e-museum2017-11-01176
310 S. Korea Expresses Regrets over UNESCO's Decision over Sexual Slavery Records -e-museum2017-10-31179
309 UNESCO Listing of Comfort Women Documents Put on Hold -e-museum2017-10-31176
308 Documents Show Japanese Gov't Involvement in Recruiting Comfort Women -e-museum2017-09-19177
307 San Francisco to Install Monument for Victims of Japan's Sex Slavery -e-museum2017-09-08170
306 Garments for Wartime Sex Slaves Made by Japanese Gov't -e-museum2017-08-03172
305 Comfort Women Monument Erected in New Jersey -e-museum2017-07-20165
304 Statue Unveiled Outside Atlanta to Remember Victims of Japan's Sex Slavery -e-museum2017-07-01180
303 San Francisco Commission Approves Inscription of Sex Slavery Memorial -e-museum2017-02-07164
302 Elderly Sex Slavery Victims Repeats Calls for Japan's Apology -e-museum2016-09-18219
301 Koichi Kato, Predecessor of Kono, Dies -e-museum2016-09-21500
300 S. Korea: Japan's Comfort Women Fund is Measure to Back up Apology -e-museum2016-08-16523