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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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289 Japanese Lawmaker: Comfort Women were 'Prostitutes' -e-museum2016-01-14354
288 Harman: Sex Slavery Issue Won't be Closed if Japan Misrepresent Truth -e-museum2016-01-11347
287 White House: Obama Urged Japan to Resolve Comfort Women Issue -e-museum2016-01-06338
286 UN Envoy Commends Seoul-Tokyo Agreement on Sex Slavery Issue -e-museum2016-01-04324
285 Japanese Official Denies Reports on 'Precondition' of Comfort Women Deal -e-museum2015-12-31300
284 S. Korean FM Speaks with US State Secretary about Comfort Women Deal -e-museum2015-12-31269
283 Prime Minister Urges Japan's Faithful Implementation of Comfort Women Deal -e-museum2015-12-31257
282 Park, Abe Discuss Trust, New Relations -e-museum2015-12-31256
281 Japanese FM Calls Deal on Comfort Women 'Historic, Landmark Achievement' -e-museum2015-12-31237
280 Park Urges Japan's Swift, Faithful Implementation of Deal on Comfort Women -e-museum2015-12-31249
279 Parties Show Mixed Responses -e-museum2015-12-31239
278 Japan Apologizes for Wartime Sex Slavery, to Provide Funding to Victims -e-museum2015-12-31263