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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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256 Ex-Japan Secretary Denounces Tokyo's Ruling Party for Distorting Wartime Sexual Slavery -e-museum2015-07-30290
255 Seoul Expresses Concern over LDP's Denial of Kono Statement -e-museum2015-07-30253
254 US Lawmakers say Japan should Apologize for Sex Slavery -e-museum2015-07-29270
253 US Rep. Honda Implores Japan Not to Alter History Books -e-museum2015-07-29287
252 Japan's Ruling Party Takes Aim at Kono Statement -e-museum2015-07-29285
251 San Francisco Council to Vote on Comfort Women Statue Resolution -e-museum2015-07-21287
250 Japanese Civic Groups Call on Government to Apologize for Wartime Aggression -e-museum2015-07-08301
249 Japanese Scholar Says Comfort Stations Set up by Imperial Military -e-museum2015-07-06290
248 1,185th Wednesday Protest Held in Washington Demanding Abe's Sex Slavery Apology -e-museum2015-07-02311
247 Weekly Protests over Japan's Sex Slavery to be Held Across US -e-museum2015-07-02314
246 US Hopes for Further Improvement in S. Korea-Japan Ties -e-museum2015-06-24272
245 Japan Asks S. Korea Not to Use Term 'Sex Slaves' -e-museum2015-06-22276