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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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239 Japanese Documentary Featuring Former Sex Slaves Opens in Tokyo -e-museum2015-06-08459
238 Washington Post: Seoul and Tokyo Hoping to Clear the Air -e-museum2015-06-04431
237 Sexual Slavery Victims to File Complaint Against Japanese Activist -e-museum2015-05-22435
236 Ex-Japanese PM Urges Japan to Resolve Sex Slavery Issue -e-museum2015-05-19452
235 US Publisher Not to Fix Textbook Description on Comfort Women -e-museum2015-05-18675
234 Nations Join Hands Against Japan's Denial of Wartime Sex Slavery -e-museum2015-05-08419
233 Victim of Japan's Sexual Slavery Awaits Apology from Abe -e-museum2015-05-08424
232 Renowned Historians Urge Abe to Face Wartime Sexual Slavery -e-museum2015-05-06426
231 Japanese Journalist: Comfort Women are Historical Truth -e-museum2015-05-06426
230 US House Foreign Affairs Chief Blames Abe for Lack of Apology -e-museum2015-05-04451
229 U.S. Congressman Honda Criticizes Japanese PM -e-museum2015-04-30424
228 Civic Groups Call for Abe's Apology at Capitol Lawn -e-museum2015-04-30441