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The latest news about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

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220 PM Criticizes Japan for History Distortions -e-museum2015-04-21316
219 Japan's Abe: "Heart Aches" For Comfort Women -e-museum2015-03-30339
218 Nelson Report: Historical Facts Can't be Debated or Denied -e-museum2015-03-26348
217 Royce Vows to Set the Record Straight on Japan's Sexual Slavery -e-museum2015-03-23368
216 Japan's Opposition Chief Confirms Merkel's Remarks on Comfort Women -e-museum2015-03-18369
215 German Media: Merkel Skillfully Touched on Sensitive Issues in Japan -e-museum2015-03-13400
214 International Seminar on Comfort Women Held in New York -e-museum2015-03-13383
213 Maryland Senate Committee Condemns Japan's Sexual Slavery -e-museum2015-03-09405
212 Musical "Comfort Women" Holds First Preview Performance -e-museum2015-03-09394
211 Japanese POW: All Comfort Women in Myanmar Were Korean -e-museum2015-03-03387
210 US State Department: Abe's Congress Speech to be Discussed -e-museum2015-02-26396
209 Nikai: Abe Determined to Resolve Comfort Women Issue -e-museum2015-02-23405