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'Spirits' Homecoming' Draws 2 Million to Theaters

Write : 2016-03-05 13:12:38 Update : 2016-03-05 14:37:18

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'Spirits' Homecoming' Draws 2 Million to Theaters

Anchor: A movie depicting the brutal suffering of comfort women forced into sexual slavery for Japan’s imperial army during World War II continues to draw large crowds at cinemas, officially topping the two-million viewer milestone in South Korea.
Our Park Jong-hong has this report.
Report: The film "Spirits’ Homecoming" is striking a chord with South Korean moviegoers and going strong.
According to estimates compiled by the Korean Film Council on Saturday, ticket sales surpassed the two-million mark on Friday, the tenth day since the movie hit screens nationwide.
The film also accounted for about 32 percent of the total films currently being screened in South Korea.

On March first, the 97th anniversary of the historic March 1st Independence Movement against Japanese colonial rule in 1919, 420-thousand flocked to theaters to watch "Spirits' Homecoming" in remembrance of a dark chapter in Korea's history. It marked the highest number of viewers for the movie in a day so far.

"Spirits' Homecoming" not only depicts the brutal acts of Japan but also highlights the devastation and tragedy of a country under colonization.
Director Cho Jung-rae, who also wrote the movie's screenplay, was inspired to produce the film in 2002 after listening to testimonies of the survivors.  
Upon completing the filming last year, Cho had the opportunity to visit the United States on a documentary project with KBS World Radio. With the help of Media Joa, a media company based in New Jersey, he met with figures in the U.S. working for the resolution of the issue of wartime sexual slavery.

He presented a six-minute clip of his film at a conference held on July 29th, 2015, receiving a rave response from the audience that included Congressman Mike Honda, other members of the House and civic groups.

Despite 14 bumpy years filled with budget troubles and tepid investors for the film, the overwhelming response by moviegoers at theaters certainly exhibits the light at the end of the tunnel for Cho and his staff.
Some 67-thousand-252 people supported the production of his film. The story behind director Cho’s efforts to produce the film was featured in many domestic and foreign media including the New York Times.
Park Jong-hong, KBS World Radio News.
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