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Japanese Group Submits UNESCO Bid to Counter Sex Slavery Issue

Write : 2016-06-04 13:07:51 Update : 2016-06-04 13:16:49

Japanese Group Submits UNESCO Bid to Counter Sex Slavery Issue

A right-wing Japanese civic group is known to have applied for the registration of various records on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register with the aim to deny the forced nature of Japan's wartime sexual enslavement.

The group called the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform unveiled via Facebook on Friday that it filed the application with other civic groups including Nadeshiko Action and an American organization.

The group claimed that the wartime so-called comfort women system was legitimate and though the women were limited in their actions, they had certain freedoms and also received high pay. They reiterated the claim that the women were not sex slaves.

The latest move by the right-wing group is viewed as a countermeasure to the action taken by civic groups in eight countries including South Korea, China, Japan and the Netherlands on May 31st.

The groups submitted an application in a bid to list some 27-hundred counts of historical records on Japan's wartime sexual slavery on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.

An international committee established for the cause said that it's pursuing the listing of the records to honor the victims.
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