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Japan's Ruling Party Pledges to Create Research Body Regarding Dokdo, Comfort Women

Write : 2016-06-23 10:12:47 Update : 2016-06-23 11:17:49

Japan's Ruling Party Pledges to Create Research Body Regarding Dokdo, Comfort Women

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) is said to have pledged to create a research and investigation agency to strengthen its claims regarding the South Korea’s easternmost islets Dokdo and the South Korean victims of Japan’s wartime sex slavery.

According to sources Thursday, the LDP issued a policy paper named "J-File" on Monday, promoting its pledges for the House of Councilors election slated for July 10th.

The paper allegedly included a pledge to conduct historical and academic research and investigation regarding its territorial and historical disputes with neighboring countries.

Local analysts say that Japan is gearing up to establish a state-run agency, such as the South Korea’s Northeast Asian History Foundation, to strengthen its territorial claims to Dokdo and refute claims that Japan forced women to work as sex slaves during the Second World War.

The "J-File" is also believed to have included the argument that the Japanese ruling party will utilize the new organization in enlightening people at home and abroad about what it called Japan’s legitimate claims based on laws and history.

In the file, the LDP reiterated Tokyo’s claims that South Korea illegally occupies Dokdo and Russia is illegally controlling the four Kuril islands.

It said the Japanese government will revitalize high-ranking meetings with South Korea and Russia to get back the islands.
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